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Gluten Free Home Brewing Blog

Grouse Malt House Collaboration Series

By GFHB & Grouse Malt House  -  February 8th, 2023

Grouse Malt House and Gluten Free Home Brewing have partnered to bring you a new collaborative series. Head over to to see each month’s post, as well as some other articles Grouse has done over the years!


March - Gluten-Free Recipes and Yeasts, Oh My!

Grouse and GFHB are BACK for March's newsletter. Head over to Grouse's blog to find recipes and information they offer on brewing with Propagate gluten-free liquid yeast!

February - Caramel Millet Malts

Grouse has a history of creating both Caramel and Crystal Millet Malts. This month we are excited to share some of that history and a description of the malts we currently offer. Read Grouse's blog on Caramel Millet Malt.

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