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I recently purchased and brewed one of your "Better Off Red" kits. I put in the additional hops to make it an IPA and was pleasantly surprised how good it turned out!! My wife even liked it and she isn't Celiac like me. I'm deciding on whrch kit to buy next!! I'm so glad I found you guys for source of gluten free brewing ingredients!! Thanks for being out there!!
Richard Stange  (Wichita, KS)  -  May 13th, 2023
Alissa and Brian went the extra mile to ensure that we received our goods during the logistics crisis. We will not forget their efforts, nor their commitment to us as a customer. Excellent range of products, and quite rare in our part of the world. Much appreciated. Thanks again Alissa and Brian.
Wombat Distilling Co.  (NSW, Australia)  -  June 23rd, 2022
I had an issue with my new all in one brew pot and not sure what to to do reached out to Brian. His swift action contacting the manufacturer for me and initiating the warranty. I got my replacement within days and had literally just sent my original pot back the day before. Always helpful with questions and guidance. What great customer service!!!!! Thanks Brian!
fred oehrlein  (Coatesville, PA)  -  March 2nd, 2021
I recently brewed the Tale of Two Stouts, and thanks to my PicoBrew Zymatic (which brews 2.5 g batches), I was able to brew the Imperial AND the American versions with one order. The American version is Guiness. I had just acquired my love for Guiness weeks before I was diagnosed with this recipe is special for me! I will be ordering another kit without a doubt. The Imperial version is wonderful as well. GFHB has been such a great business to work with and I cannot wait to start brewing the order that just arrived today!
Ray Halpin  (Manchester, NH)  -  May 13th, 2020
Pilum imperial IPA is totally awesome. This is my first all-grain gluten free recipe. Millet was a pain to crush but managed to get a decent crush after three passes. I was pleasantly surprised how delicious the wort was during recirculation. I could taste the conversion - tasted at dough in, tasted at 60 minutes, tasted at 120 minutes. First runnings were slightly under expected but considering expected OG is 1.078 and mine was 1.074, I'm happy. I was concerned that a single yeast packet wouldn't be enough to get to expected FG and I couldn't make a gluten free starter so, had to go with it. Surprisingly, FG was 1.012 and expected was 1.017. Tasting gravity sample, this is amazing for gluten free. I look forward to my next GF venture!!
Keith Whitford  (Raleigh, NC)  -  December 31st, 2019
A very nice websites with a lot of informations! I'm impressed. I didn't found any gf-malt supplier in Germany right now, so I believe that I will come back to gfhb for the next brew procedures. greetings
Sebastian   (Jena, Germany)  -  July 27th, 2019
I am new to all grain GF brewing and realized a few days after ordering my grains that I needed enzymes to convert the starches to sugars. I placed my order late Wednesday night for the needed enzymes and hoped they would arrive in time for my Saturday brew. Within minutes, I received an email from Customer Service alerting me that I had ordered 2 of the same enzymes instead of one of each. I corrected my order and was again notified a few minutes later that my order was shipping the next morning. Catching my mistake and asking if I wished to correct the order saved my brewing day. I’m always greatly impressed by a company which creates a culture that trains and empowers its people to deliver excellent customer service. You have my business for as long as I brew. Thank you.
Ron Corbin  (Mcdonough, Ga)  -  December 17th, 2018
I have been purchasing from GFHB for about a year now and 10 different brews later I can absolutely say I am beyond thrilled. The selection of grains is great and keeps getting better. GFHB has assisted me in a couple of custom recipes that I just had to try. GFHB is always will to assist and give advise. My life is so much better now that I have awesome beer to drink again. Many of my friends are amazed how good the brews I made are.
Peter  (Vancouver BC)  -  January 21st, 2018
I’m in Ohio and I’m impressed with the speed of shipping from GFHB. I usually spend time on Sunday or Monday putting together my recipe for the following weekend and as long as I can get my order in on Monday, the items usually arrive later in the week in time to brew over the weekend. Having a quick source of GF malted grains has changed the world of brewing for me! Thanks GFHB!
Neil  (Columbus Ohio)  -  January 21st, 2018
I am a diagnosed Celiac and was tired of drinking sub par commercial GF beer and decided to make my own. With zero brewing experience I was lucky to find Between the tutorials, recipes, and all the ingredients, I had everything I needed to get started. Products are awesome, delivery is fast, and costs are reasonable. GFHB rocks!
Rob Maillie  (West Chester, PA)  -  October 2nd, 2017
I buy most of my supplies from GFHB! They have a lot of recipes and some nice kits already put together making it easier.
Jack Holder  ()  -  September 17th, 2017
Excellent technical reference and recipe sharing site as well as shop for all manner of grains and brewing supplies!
Eric Nystrom  ()  -  September 13th, 2017
New to brewing and really like the website and the recipes are great easy to follow. Delivery is fast and prices competitive. One comment is that all of a sudden there are a lot of products out of stock. I really like to order the whole recipe at once just to stay organized. Overall happy and thankful for a place to find gluten free products. Thanks!
David Lehmkuhl  (Virginia Beach,VA)  -  August 27th, 2017
Awesome service, great selection, easy to use website. The recipe database is great, too!
Eric  (Green Bay, WI)  -  May 16th, 2017
Very responsive and supportive. Being new to gf homebrewing I asked lots of questions without any problems getting answers and good advice. The delivery was prompt and arrived safely, so no problems if you want to ship to Australia. Highly recommended to anyone starting out with gf homebrew, novice or expert.
Michael  (Sydney, Australia)  -  February 21st, 2017
A valuable resource for the gluten free homebrewer. An amazing variety of recipes and ingredients and they always get the orders shipped out promptly.
Michael Loney  (San Francisco, CA)  -  September 12th, 2016
You will not find better products for gluten free home brewing anywhere. My wife is gluten intolerant and I am not, but I have enjoyed the beers made. The beers I made with Rice Malt and Millet Malt were wonderful and has surprised my homebrew club. I used the rice malt for color and flavor generally, but I have made an all rice stout that turned out pretty good and very comparable to barley stouts. I would not be able to provide the beer products I do with out GFHB. I just made an Imperial IPA with Pale Millet (and some flaked rice and 1lb Belgian sugar) Thanks Brian and Alissa.
Nicholas Fuller  (Spokane, WA)  -  May 10th, 2016
One simply will not find better quality ingredients or service elsewhere, Gluten Free Home Brewing offers one stop shopping for any gluten free homebrewer. Where else can one find recipes, tutorials, and ingredients in the same place? I have been nothing less than 100% satisfied with my purchases. I look forward to brewing more recipes in the future!
Stefan Shoemaker  (Bel Air, MD)  -  May 8th, 2016
The malted millet grains I ordered were well packed and arrived in a timely fashion. will be the source of any gluten free grains that I purchase in the future. I used the malted millet to brew a blonde ale for an article that I was writing for Zymurgy. The batch came out quite tasty.
Steve Ruch  (Vancouver, WA)  -  May 7th, 2016
Wonderful service. Great packaging. Timely information! This is the best source for gluten-free brewers in America today. With the selection of grains they offer, we can now all explore, experiment, and truly have a shot at brewing ground-breaking beers without wheat or barley. Exciting stuff from great folks in a beautiful town. "For a quart of ale is a dish for a king"--A Winter's Tale, Shakespeare
Ron Zimmerman  ()  -  August 10th, 2015
I now have access to amazing ingredients to make great beers for those afflicted by gluten intolerance.
Nick Fuller  (Spokane Washington)  -  July 3rd, 2015
Awesome one stop site for recipes, forums and online store.
Doug Hebbard  (Sacramento Califonia)  -  February 12th, 2015


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