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LoDo Imperial Red Ale

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LoDo Imperial Red Ale

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Beer Style: Irish Red Ale, India Pale Ale 
Recipe Type: all-grain
Yield: 5 gallons


We have had a lot of requests for hoppier IPAs and adapted this recipe from the 'Collective Hoppiness' recipe which was originally featured in the May / June 2012 Zymurgy magazine. The recipe was provided by the Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver Colorado and described as an imperial red ale. The grain bill was increased to match the OG of the original recipe. We substituted a bit more on collective malt profiles as opposed to specific malts. We don't have a malt to match the Rye flavor or the CaraRye and opted instead to use Goldfinch Millet Malt which has tones of Bran. We also added Biscuit Rice Malt to the grain bill to get the bready flavors. Buckwheat was used for improved body and mouthiness. The math ended up entirely by coincidence to be full pounds for most of the grain bill!

We would really love to get some feedback on this recipe if you give it a go. Tasting notes are really helpful in making recommendations as to changes to the grain bill.


  • 15 LBS Pale Millet Malt
  • 4 LBS Biscuit Rice Malt
  • 2 LBS Goldfinch Millet Malt
  • 1 LB Buckwheat Malt
  • 3 OZ Chocolate Millet Malt
  • 2 OZ Columbus Hops
  • 1.75 OZ Summit Hops
  • 0.25 OZ Amarillo Hops
  • 1 OZ Sorachi Ace Hops
  • 1 OZ Cascade Hops
  • British Ale Yeast

Additional Instructions

Primary Ferment: 7 days
Secondary Ferment: 7 days

Beer Profile

Original Gravity: 1.083
Final Gravity: 1.021
Alcohol by Vol: 8.2%
Color SRM: 22.9
Bitterness IBU: 120.0
Recipe Type: all-grain
Yield: 5.0 Gallons
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Perform a Single Infusion Mash at 163.4 F for 90 to 120 minutes; or Step Mash at 155-165F for 90 to 120 minutes followed by 140-150F for 90 to 120 minutes with SEBAmyl BAL 100 or Termamyl, and SEBAmyl L enzymes. Use the appropriate amount of rice hulls to ensure circulation and filtration.

Allow to achieve hot break and maintain rolling boil.

1 OZ Columbus Hops @ 60 min
1 OZ Columbus Hops @ 30 min
1 OZ Summit Hops @ 20 min
0.75 OZ Summit Hops @ 10 min
Irish Moss & Yeast Nutrients @ 10 min
0.25 OZ Amarillo Hops @ 6 min
1 OZ Sorachi Ace Hops @ 3 min

S-04 or other British Ale Yeast

Dry Hop: 1 OZ Cascade Hops

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