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Colonial Ale

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Colonial Ale

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Beer Style: American Amber Ale, American Brown, Specialty 
Recipe Type: all-grain
Yield: 5 gallons


This is one of those beer recipes that started by researching something entirely unrelated, stumbling across a recipe, and thinking "I think I could totally make something like that!" This is adapted from 'Poor Richard's Ale' from the American Homebrewer's Association which was actually recommended as a more enjoyable colonial ale than 'George Washington's Infamous Small Beer' recipe. There are a lot of substitutions in this recipe, and as we only wrote the recipe based on our working knowledge of the various gf malts, it would have to brewed to determine how good of a representation it really is. If anyone does brew it and has any brewing recommendations please let us know and we will update the recipe.

The Maris Otter and Biscuit malts of the original recipe were combined together and substituted with a 50/50 mix of Pale Millet and Biscuit Rice Malt. The Special Roast was substituted with Goldfinch Millet Malt, and Black Patent substituted with Gas Hog Rice Malt. The flaked corn and molasses were left the same. The grain bill was increased for the millet and rice malts only by bout 25% to increase the SG which was still lower than that of the original recipe.


  • 5.25 LBS Pale Millet Malt
  • 5.25 LBS Biscuit Rice Malt
  • 2.75 LBS Flaked Corn
  • 1.25 LBS Goldfinch Millet Malt
  • 2.5 OZ Gas Hog Rice Malt
  • 4 OZ Dark Molasses
  • 1.75 OZ Kent Golding Hops
  • English or Scottish Ale Yeast

Additional Instructions

Primary Ferment: 7 days
Secondary Ferment: 7 days

Beer Profile

Original Gravity: 1.058
Final Gravity: 1.014
Alcohol by Vol: 5.7%
Color SRM: 12.3
Bitterness IBU: 26.9
Recipe Type: all-grain
Yield: 5.0 Gallons
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Perform a Single Infusion Mash at 163.4 F for 90 to 120 minutes; or Step Mash at 155-165F for 90 to 120 minutes followed by 140-150F for 90 to 120 minutes with SEBAmyl BAL 100 or Termamyl, and SEBAmyl L enzymes. Use the appropriate amount of rice hulls to ensure circulation and filtration.

Allow to achieve hot break and maintain rolling boil.

0.5 OZ Kent Golding Hops @ 60 min
0.75 OZ Kent Golding Hops @ 45 min
0.50 OZ Kent Golding Hops @ 30 min

SafAle S-04 Yeast

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