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Pale / Light Mild Ale

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Pale / Light Mild Ale

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Beer Style: Engish Light Mild 
Recipe Type: all-grain
Yield: 5 gallons


Adapted from 'Standard Pale Mild' from the February 2005 BYO magazine, and the 'Pale Mild' from the July/August BYO magazine. The irony of this recipe is that we spent a lot of time researching this style of beer and the malts that are used in it, and as Mild beers have become less popular than they once were, the odds are most people will not actually brew this recipe. But we enjoy the challenge of learning about different beer styles and attempting to adapt them to gluten free recipes. This is actually in many ways an easy recipe to adapt; the hops are the same, S-04 is one of the recommended yeast strains, and it primarily uses a base and crystal malt. So why did we have to research this recipe so much? Because the base malt is either a Mild Ale Malt or British Pale Ale Malt, and both impart unique flavor profiles that are not found in the Pale Millet or Rice Malts. To further complicate matters, the recommended malt substitute is Maris Otter malt which imparts it's own unique flavor substitute. In our research we found Mild Ale Malt described as having elevated sweetness, malty flavor and aroma, and rich golden color. The Maris Otter has been described as imparting a unique biscuit quality. In other recipes that called for Maris Otter we used Biscuit Rice Malt as a substitute. But as this is the base malt we will be using a lot, so we ended up doing some "rough justice" as Judge Milian from The People's Court would say!

We carried over the same recipe and increased the grain bill by 20% to match the OG. It should be noted that Mild Ales are typically only about 3.5% ABV. We used the 20% increase in grain bill to add Biscuit Rice Malt and CaraMillet to the Pale Malt to do our best to reproduce the Mild Ale Malt. The Biscuit Rice Malt will add the biscuit tones while the CaraMillet will add residual sweetness.

If you brew this recipe please let us know how it turned out! Tasting notes and any recommendations would be greatly appreciated too!!


  • 6.5 LBS Pale Millet Malt; or 9.1 LBS Pale Rice Malt (hulled and/or naked varieties); or any combination of the two
  • 1 LB 6 OZ Crystal Millet Malt
  • 1 LB Biscuit Rice Malt
  • 6 OZ CaraMillet
  • 1.2 OZ Willamette Hops
  • 0.5 OZ Golding Hops
  • SafAle S-04 Yeast

Additional Instructions

Primary Ferment: 7 days
Secondary Ferment: 7 days

Beer Profile

Original Gravity: 1.034
Final Gravity: 1.008
Alcohol by Vol: 3.3%
Color SRM: 4.8
Bitterness IBU: 23.0
Recipe Type: all-grain
Yield: 5.0 Gallons
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Perform a Single Infusion Mash at 163.4 F for 90 to 120 minutes; or Step Mash at 155-165F for 90 to 120 minutes followed by 140-150F for 90 to 120 minutes with SEBAmyl BAL 100 or Termamyl, and SEBAmyl L enzymes. Use the appropriate amount of rice hulls to ensure circulation and filtration.

Allow to achieve hot break and maintain rolling boil.

Note 90 minute boil.

1.2 OZ Willamette Hops @ 90 min
0.5 OZ Golding Hops @ 5 min

SafAle S-04 Yeast

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