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Briess Brown Rice Syrup 42DE - 1 LB

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Briess Brown Rice Syrup 42DE - 1 LB


Made from 100% pure brown rice, Briess Brown Rice Syrup 42DE provides proteins and amino acids necessary for yeast nutrition, head retention and body along with color and flavor. Use as a replacement to produce gluten free beer; produces a very clear finished beer.

Color: Lovibond 2.0
PPG: 1.037 or 37 gravity points per gallon

Sold in 1 lb bag - Limit 10 per order

Price: $4.59
Ship Weight: 1.06 Pounds

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Product Reviews

High Maltose Brown Rice Syrup
By Brian on 12/31/2018

I have used High Maltose Brown Rice Syrup for many years as an extract and partial-mash brewer. This syrup has a higher percentage of fermertable sugars than brown rice syrup you can buy at the grocery store. That means less residual sugars (sweetness) in the finished beer and a higher ABV. Use this syrup to cut back your sorghum syrup by 50% or greater. I would also suggest using a Belgian Candi Syrup to add more complexities to the flavor profile and reduce the use of sorghum even more.

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