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Monster Mills MM-2Pro Gluten Free Malt Edition

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Monster Mills MM-2Pro Gluten Free Malt Edition

GFHB and Monster Brewing Hardware have teamed up to offer the only roller grain mill specifically designed for gluten free malt! This is an exclusive offer ONLY available through GFHB and is NOT available on the Monster Brewing Hardware website. This roller mill design has been modified for the smaller buckwheat, corn, millet and rice malts used in brewing gluten free beer. Each Monster Mills MM-2Pro Gluten Free Edition roller mill includes a base and hopper (assembly required).

The Monster Mills MM-2Pro Gluten Free Edition is constructed of 6061 aluminum block frames with two 6" long and 2" diameter steel rollers riding on SAE 841 oil impregnated bronze bushings. This mill comes standard with the 1/2" drive shaft. One of the knurled steel rollers is driven by a standard 1/2" corded electric drill (not included) to feed the grain through the adjustable gap and crush the grist. A feeler gauge (not included) is required to set the desired gap between the steel rollers.

For more information on the setup and operation of this product visit our video blog:

Maintenance: Use one drop of food grade mineral oil on each axle and the OD of each knob annually; perform regular maintenance for frequently used mills.

(Actual product similar to pictured; feeler gauge and oil are not included)

PLEASE NOTE: Ships from the Monster Brewing Hardware; please allow additional time for USPS ground shipping.

Price: $314.99
Ship Weight: 20.00 Pounds

Product Reviews

Buy it to make better beer
By Kim on 10/01/2021

Love it!!!!! Actually saves time and does a great job on gf grains.

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