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Pale Millet Malt - 5 LB

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Pale Millet Malt - 5 LB

Produced by Grouse Malting and Roasting Company
Certified Gluten-Free

Naturally gluten free product malted in a dedicated gluten free facility. Produces gluten free beer. Use Amylase Enzymes to convert starches into sugars which can then be fermented by brewing yeast.

"The Old Faithful"

White proso millet malt is a dry land crop that grows readily in Colorado. It also happens to make the perfect base malt for a variety of beer styles. Sweet in taste and light in color, extract potential best when mash temperatures near 73°C.

SRM: 1.0-2.5
Potential Gravity: 1.035 or 35 gravity points per gallon*.
Diastatic Power: Maximum Range 20-35 Litner; Average Range 20-25 Litner.
Suggested Usage: 5-95%

Sold in 5 lb unmilled bags

*PPG based on a falling step mash in a controlled lab setting conducted by Grouse Malt House and Hartwick College Center for Craft Food & Beverage.

Price: $18.99
Ship Weight: 5.03 Pounds
SKU: MI1001

Product Reviews

Versatile base malt
By Daniel on 06/23/2016

I have used the Pale malt in my past two all grain batches one was a Stout and the other was a Pale Ale.

My recommendation when using any modified millet malt's is to use the addition of alpha and beta enzymes in order to help with the extraction of sugars. I have found so far with a step mash that I am getting around 18PPG. Hoping to improve over time.

From: Clay White
By Valued Customer on 04/30/2015

This is your 2 row substitute, works great as a base malt.

From: Mr. Celiac
By Valued Customer on 04/30/2015

Grouse Malting and Roasting Company - 5 lb pale millet malt

this is a great product for an experienced all grain home brewer, it will require a substantial investment of time, effort, money (these specialty gf grains are a bit more costly than their glutinous counterparts) and a fair amount of ingenuity to deliver a good result, but once you get the kinks worked out of the process it does produce a fantastic beer. I used to order my millet directly from Grouse, this was actually my first order from Gluten Free Home Brewing online store - the folks down there are great, the only thing that I disliked was that they did not have a phone number listed on their site, so i could not call them direct.

From: Ken Hardinge-Rooney
By Valued Customer on 04/30/2015

Grouse Malting are by far the best gluten free malts on the market. The malts are constant, clean and the variety of kilning available allow a brewer to make quality brews in almost any style without any gluten! Using a modified decoction mash I am able to achieve extraction rates nearly as high as those achieved with barley malts. Millet is the answer when it comes to malty flavours without the wineyness of sorghum and if you add some buckwheat and oats you can overcome the thin body that most gluten free beers exhibit.

From: Floyd Hebbard
By Valued Customer on 04/16/2015

Perfect base malt. Adds that perfect malty flavor without the gluten. I usually use 8-14lbs in 5gal batches. If you want to get rid of sorghum here's your product. Great malt backbone added with other specialty malts you have a perfect beer and you can't tell its gluten free.

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