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Liquid Glucoamylase Enzyme - 10 ml

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Liquid Glucoamylase Enzyme - 10 ml

White Labs Ultra-Ferm - WLN4100 - is a liquid amyloglucosidase (also known as glucoamylase ) from selected classical strain of Aspergillus niger. This single serve unit is perfect for 5 gallon batches. A key ingredient when making Brut IPAs.

1) To reduce saccharification times.
2) To saccharify unmalted cereal brews.
3) To increase attenuation.

Optimal temperature is 140°F. Amyloglucosidase activity is completely destroyed when the saccharified liquor is held at 185°F for 10 minutes.

Sold in 10 ml vial - Should be stored in a cool, dry place at or below 41F to help maintain maximum activity over long periods

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