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2 Suns Ale - All-Grain Recipe Kit

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2 Suns Ale - All-Grain Recipe Kit

Good Grains Recipe Kits ~ Gluten Free Crafted Beer

Original Gravity: 1.032 - 1.042
Final Gravity: 1.004 - 1.05
Alcohol By Volume: 3.63% - 4.84%
Color SRM: 4.98
Bitterness IBU: 11
Yield: 5 gallons

Recommended Yeasts:
● Ale – Lellemand BRY-97
● Ale – Mangrove Jack's M44
● Lager – Lellemand NovaLager
● Lager – Mangrove Jack's M54

For almost a decade we have been asked to develop a recipe kit that was similar to macro beers such as Corona, Budweiser, MIller, etc. The conventional thinking was a homebrewer would only be interested in craft beer styles. However, the requests continued to pour in. Therefore, we created this 2-In-1 recipe kit that may be brewed using a wide range of brewing skills. Note: This recipe kit was developed using the Mangrove Jack's M54 yeast which is a lager style yeast that ferments at ale temperature.

Single infusion option: Conduct a single infusion mash (or reverse step mash) with Termamyl and SEBAmyl L. This allows the brewer to use a cooler mash tun, conventional mash tun, or all-in-one system. Benefits of this method is the lower mash efficiency will decrease the ABV, increase the residual sweetness, and may improve foam and lacing.

Rising step mash option: Conduct a rising step mash with Ceremix Flex and Ondea Pro. This requires the brewer to conduct a rising step mash, and also requires measuring and possibly adjusting the mash pH. Benefits of this method is the higher mash efficiency will maximize the ABV of the limited grist.

KIT INCLUDES: Step-by-step brewing tutorial including mash, sparge and boil instructions, Biscuit 4L Rice Malt, Dark Munich Millet Malt, Caramel Buckwheat Malt, Hallertau Hops, and a Whirlfloc Tablet.

INGREDIENTS NEEDED BUT NOT INCLUDED: Termamyl AND SEBAmyl L -OR- Ceremix Flex AND Ondea Pro, 2.5 tsp Yeast Nutrient, 5 oz Priming sugar (if bottling), and lactic acid to decrease mash pH if required.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: 8+ gallon brew kettle, 10 gallon mash tun, 5 - 10 gallon HLT, Primary fermenter with lid, Secondary fermenter w/ lid, Airlocks, Sanitizer, Thermometer, Grain mill, Stainless stirring spoon, Bottling or kegging equipment, and pH strips or meter (for rising step mash option).

Price: $33.49
Ship Weight: 7.13 Pounds

Product Reviews

Taste great
By David on 12/22/2023

Ended up going with the M54 yeast and flavor is very heavy on the rice malt side of things which is expected. Used ondea and ceramic and only hit the target for termamyl and seb enzyme usage. Still happy with 3.5% though. Will make again at some point and try another yeast option.

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