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Hangover Secret - Single Serving

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Hangover Secret - Single Serving

Hangovers happen but they don't have to. Introducing the secret to scientifically less sucky mornings. The small travel size sachets are easy and convenient to use - just add water and drink before going to bed to wake up feeling refreshed.

The Hangover Secret is a pharmacist developed supplement made from a natural blend of vitamins and botanicals for optimal absorption by your body. It’s the only hangover product to be independently tested in a human trial by the University of the Pacific, California.

Verified Gluten Free - sold in 4.5 g sachets

Price: $3.50
Ship Weight: 0.16 Pounds

Product Reviews

BYOB is back on again!
By Brian on 07/14/2022

I don't usually leave reviews for the products that I decide to sell on GFHB, but I really wanted to explain this one. I have to constantly pivot every time my body decides to take another inconvenient turn. Alcohol in any amount can be a trigger for my GI or migraines. While I have significantly ceased most of my partaking in beer, wine and spirits, I want to enjoy them when the occasion arises. So when I had great results with this product it just made sense for GFHB to stock it. Everybody responds differently to remedies, but this one really helps me enjoy my beverage while not worrying about any consequences.

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