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Fresh Roast SR-540 Home Coffee Roasting Kit

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Fresh Roast SR-540 Home Coffee Roasting Kit

This Coffee Starter Kit features the Fresh Roast SR-540. A great coffee roaster with a 4.5oz capacity (perfect quantity for a strong 12 cup french press) and fan speed control. The fan speed control allows you to evenly roast the beans in about 6 minutes, wih a 3 minute cool time. Short and hot roasts (The Freshroast and i-Roast roasters fall into this category) tend to emphasize acidity and aromatics in a final coffee - whereas prolonged roasts emphasize body and complexity. The Freshroast is the most cost-effective mechanical roaster we offer and is very simple to use!

This kit also includes a stylish Bodum 8-cup French Press - a truly gourmet method of brewing specialty coffee. Also included is "Home Coffee Roasting: Romance and Revival" - an excellently written, incredibly informative, and authoritative book written by Kenneth Davids (a big name in the coffee industry). You will be roasting like a pro in no time!

Kit Includes:
Fresh Roast SR-540 Coffee Roaster
8-cup Bodum® Brazil French Press
Home Coffe Roasting: Romance and Revival
Three pounds of quality green coffee beans!

Price: $229.99
Ship Weight: 11.03 Pounds

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