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Limited Edition Crystal Gose All-Grain Recipe Kit

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Limited Edition Crystal Gose All-Grain Recipe Kit

For the first time ever, GFHB has collaborated with Gluten Free Brew Supply (GFBS) which offers sorghum malt and gluten free oat malt. We had the opportunity to sample a beer brewed by Bierly Brewing in collaboration with GFBS. For those of us that have brewed with sorghum syrup, prepare to change your expectations! Unlike white sorghum syrup that you may have brewed with previously, red sorghum malt has been sprouted and kilned for making gluten free beer without the potential for off flavors attributed by white sorghum syrup.

Read the full blog here:

Already want to brew some beer with red sorghum malt? Try the Limited Edition Crystal Gose all-grain recipe kit now!

Price: $55.99
Ship Weight: 9.00 Pounds

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