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BeerStix - Medium Plus Toast American Oak Carboy 2 Pack

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BeerStix - Medium Plus Toast American Oak Carboy 2 Pack

BeerStix Carboy Sticks are one of the simplest and easiest forms of oak to use in beermaking. Simply add one stick per 5 - 6.5 gallons, and enjoy the results a couple months later. When it comes to removing the stick, there's no fumbling around with cubes trying to get them through the neck of a carboy. These are made with a hole at the top so you can lift the Beer Stix out with fishing line when done. The Carboy Beer Stix are an awesome addition to the homebrewers aresenal. Use them to take a recipe to a fun and delicious next level. Already make an amazing stout, or brown? These are prime candidates to age with some oak, and enjoy the rich results!

American Oak toasted to a Medium + with the beerstix milling will give you flavors and aromas of roasted coffee, light chocolate and honey, as well as some spice notes and hints of leather. Every beer will accentuate, or mask different flavors from the oak, so expect some variation between beers!


Oak Origin - North American New York Alba
Toast Level - Medium Plus
Oak Form - Carboy Stix (2)
Volume Treated - 6 gal beer each
Extraction Time - 2 Months
Flavors & Aromas - Roast Coffee, Light Chocolate, Spice, Honey, Nutmeg, Leather Hints.

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