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Biscuit 18L Rice Malt - 2 LB

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Biscuit 18L Rice Malt - 2 LB

Produced by Eckert Malting and Brewing Co
Certified Gluten-Free

Naturally gluten free product malted in a dedicated gluten free facility. Produces gluten free beer. Use Amylase Enzymes to convert starches into sugars which can then be fermented by brewing yeast.

Premium quality non-GMO California rice germinated then dried and roasted to a level that creates biscuit aroma and flavor. Some enzyme activity may remain. Strong malty roasted biscuit character and a complex dark bready flavor without the sweetness of caramel.

Rice malt comes with an intact hull. Therefore, there is a higher hull to grain ratio resulting in less fermentable sugar per pound of malt. This attributes to a lower PPG as compared to other malts that has less hull. Rice hulls provide increased circulation and filtration in the mash.

Lovibond: 18
Potential Gravity: 1.020-1.022 or 20-22 gravity points per gallon; or with Ondea Pro Liquid Enzyme Complex approximately 1.028-1.030 or 28-30 gravity points per gallon.
Diastatic Power: Maximum Range 20-35 Litner; Average Range 20-25 Litner.
Grain/Hull Ratio: Approximately 62.5% Grain to 37.5% Hull
Suggested usage 2-10%

Sold in 2 lb unmilled bags

Price: $7.79  SPECIAL: $7.59
Ship Weight: 2.03 Pounds

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