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Why More Women Should Brew Beer

By Kim Hillpot  -  November 13th, 2020

     This blog is written about home brewing from my perspective as a woman.  As is my nature, I did some research and asked friends for input about brewing their own beer.  My fellow home brew club member sent me an article from Brulosophy.  It was a 2020 home brew survey that broke down several interesting demographics.  The one that was relevant here was about the percentage of women that home brew.  It showed a shocking 1 percent. He also shared that the percentage of women in our club of over 1000 people was 24 percent.  This information made me ask the obvious question, why?

     I reached out to some long-time pals and asked the question, “why are you not interested in home brewing yourself?”  The answers to the question are below.

  • Family time is most important which leave little time for anything else
  • The amount of effort and time involved is more than is available for a hobby
  • There is an assumption that women don’t care for beer enough to learn how to make it
  • Prefer less intensive and easier to do hobbies
  • Predominantly male hobbies can be intimidating for women to get involved in
  • Not everyone has the patience to brew
  • It’s may just easier to buy beer at the store

     I completely understand my friends concerns about brewing but I also know the flip side.  I can’t speak for every woman in America but I can tell you my story.

     I had a job at a start up for 4 years where beer Friday was part of their culture.  This tradition took place on Friday late afternoons before closing up.  Most of us would go to the kitchen grab a brew from the fridge or from the local taphouse and stand around chit chatting and sipping on beer. When I started, I can’t say I had much love for beer.  However, I was the only woman in the office and wanted to fit in.  So, I started trying different things to see if I could manage choking it down.  What I found was not only an appreciation but a love of beer.

     Not long after finding that love affair I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance.  Oh boy no more beer, right?  Wrong, I live in the Portland Oregon area and there are several gluten free breweries.  The problem is I have a love of darker beers and not so much IPA’s.  Dark beer is more seasonal and not always plentiful.

     Well, I would go into one of my favorite breweries and the owner and brewer would talk all about his brewing his beers.  I found it interesting and thought if I brew my own, I can make what I want when I like. 

      So, the journey into brewing began for me.  I love science, I love playing with recipes, and creating my own wonderful brew to share with my friends.  I enjoy hanging out with my brew club which is mostly male but they never make me feel left out.  They are supportive and are quick to help with questions.  It might be a male dominated endeavor but it does NOT have to be.  If you enjoy a good beer you could find a love for brewing.  If you try brewing you can find community there.  Every community is stronger through diversity.  If you want to give it a try there is room for you.

      Kim Hillpot recently won the Holidaily Brewing Company’s 2nd Annual Gluten Free Homebrew Competition for her beer Choczilla Ale. Holidaily Brewing Company worked with Kim to brew a Choczilla Ale inspired beer which will be served on tap!


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