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Biscuit 4L Rice Malt Beer Tasting and Recipe

By GFHB  -  April 12th, 2020

This malt forward Ondea Pro rice malt recipe was developed to get a real sense of what the malt profile of the new Biscuit 4L Rice Malt. We also used Caramel Millet Malt which we had not brewed with as of yet and thought it may round out the finished beer. We also designed this around the mash efficiency using Ondea Pro. Although we still do not have any brewing recommendations using Ondea Pro, we have been experiencing as little as 85% to over 100% efficiency in our R&D brew sessions using a multitude of mash regimens. This recipe was built around the beer style of a English Light Mild but we really think of it as a good foundation to designing a lot of other beer styles.

Warning: There is some wind blowing from 1:17 to 1:32 that makes the audio a little difficult to hear

Recipe: 4 the Love of Biscuit

Photo taken 20 minutes after filming video blog!


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