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Rising Step Mash Using Ondea Pro

By GFHB  -  March 23rd, 2020

In this episode we discuss a possible mash regime that only uses Ondea Pro and a rising step mash which is more easily achieved by a larger number of home brewers. Our goal is to narrow down the brewing process using Ondea Pro to no more than two mash methods, while still encouraging more advanced brewers to pursue wherever their passion takes them. Not all home brewers have the equipment or brewing knowledge to venture into advance brewing methods. And we don't want to discourage anyone new to brewing by making the process overly complicated. This is our third batch brewing the mash regime that can be found in the article '100% Barley Brewing – Experiences With Novozymes Ondea®Pro' by Sten Aastrup. I know, I know, GFHBing is not the same as barley brewing. However, it is among the only pieces of research available specific to brewing with Ondea Pro. And Ondea Pro was designed to brew with unmalted barley which shares some...some similarities to gluten free malt in that gluten free malt, specifically rice malt, is not highly modified. So there is still some potential value to exploring this process.

Watch our video blog here:

Using the following rising step mash we have achieved up to 100% efficiency (without adjusting PPG) on our last three batches!

127F for 30 minutes
145F for 45 minutes
174F for 10 minutes

We would be very curious how your beer that you have brewed with Ondea Pro using other mash regimes compares. Body? Head retention? Aroma? Flavor profile? How does this hold up against your experience using Ondea Pro?


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