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An Exploration of Gluten Free Malts Part 5

By GFHB  -  January 12th, 2020

We started this series between July and September before we saw something shiny and rolled out eight new blogs and introduced some exclusive new products. We now return to finish what we started so you will be ready to brew your Roasted Pumpkin Ale recipe in time fall?!

What we are not going to discuss, or at least decide for you, is the role that the pumpkin plays in this recipe. You can do a quick search on google and find dozens of forums debating the use of pumpkins in beer, with no consensus. There are only two important things to point out about this recipe: 1) the pumpkin was used in the mash 2) the pumpkin had a PPG of 20! We are going to remove the PPG of the pumpkin (which is highly questionable) from our recipe and substitute the PPG with Biscuit Rice Malt, and consider any PPG from mashing the pumpkin (if you decide to mash it) as bonus.

Adapted Roasted Pumpkin Ale Grain Bill:

Pale Millet Malt 8.00 lb (39%) Mash
Biscuit Rice Malt 7.00 lb (34%) Mash
Munich Millet Malt 2.50 lb (12%) Mash
Pale Buckwheat Malt 2.00 lb (10%) Mash
Caramel 90L Millet Malt 1.25 lb (6%) Mash
Total Grain Bill = 20.75 lbs

*Proposed Ondea Pro Grain Bill: 

Pale Rice Malt 6.00 lb (38%) Mash
Biscuit Rice Malt 5.25 lb (33%) Mash
Munich Millet Malt 1.90 lb (12%) Mash
Pale Buckwheat Malt 1.60 lb (10%) Mash
Caramel 90L 1.00 lb (6%) Mash
Total Grain Bill = 15.75 lbs

*Proposed starting point for recipe based on our limited preliminary experience (and some guesses) brewing with Ondea Pro Liquid Enzyme Complex. For further information we recommend you read the following blog: Introduction to Ondea Pro Liquid Enzyme Complex

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