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Assessment of Flaked Quinoa PPG & Lovibond

By GFHB  -  November 19th, 2019

Brewing gluten free beer has been a collaborative effort that has included everyone from the newest home brewer to the most experienced dedicated gluten free brewmaster. We appreciate the enthusiasm the GFHBing community has for sharing what they learn about brewing gluten free beer so that we may continue to improve the mash and brew process, and of course make amazing beer! So of course we were super excited when Aaron from the upcoming dedicated gluten free brewery in San Francisco (website to be launched in the upcoming months) reached out to us.

Aaron conducted a series of mini-mash experiments using various brewing enzymes, mash techniques, and gluten free grain and malt. One of the questions Aaron set out to answer in his experiments was to determine the PPG and Lovibond of Flaked Quinoa. Below is the data Aaron shared with us.

Experimental design:

  • 2 assays: 
    • (a) 100g whole uncooked unmalted quinoa
    • (b) 100g lightly ground uncooked unmalted quinoa
  • Mash: 280ml water, ph 5.6, 0.1ml Termamyl, 185°F, 60 min
  • Sparge: 200ml water, grains thoroughly squeezed to get maximum extract
  • Boil: 10 min, then volume topped up to 300ml
  • Post-Boil Gravity: 
    • (a) 1.059, 22 ppg
    • (b) 1.079, 28 ppg
  • Fermentor: 250ml wort, 0.1ml glucoamylase, 0.5 tsp bread yeast, 3-day fermentation
  • Final Gravity: 
    • (a) 1.002, 96% apparent attenuation, 7.48% abv
    • (b) 1.004, 96% apparent attenuation,  9.98% abv

Aaron points out that although he did not work with flaked quinoa, the ground uncooked unmalted quinoa from the (b) assay may yield similar results. The results of these experiments indicates the following results for Flaked Quinoa:

  • 30-32 PPG
  • 3-5 Lovibond

Aaron plans to share more results from his mini-mash experiments on their brewery's blog after they launch sometime soon.


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