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Malted Buckwheat & Millet Gluten Free Malt Vinegar

By GFHB  -  October 6th, 2019

I was super excited when Reggie Smith at Supreme Vinegar contacted me last month and told me about the Gluten Free Malt Vinegar he created using buckwheat and millet malt purchased from GFHB earlier this year. My response to his first email started by saying "Ok, first of all this is amazing! I have been looking for gluten free malt vinegar for 12 years!"

We thought that the best way to get this information out was to write a blog that we could share on the GFHB blog and monthly newsletter. Reggie is currently testing his prototype Gluten Free Malt Vinegar with his current customers and selling limited quantities on Amazon while he gets feedback about the product. He is currently planning full scale production of his Gluten Free Malt Vinegar later this year!

You can read the full blog here:

Be sure to buy this limited sample of Gluten Free Malt Vinegar (and please provide Reggie with feedback!) here:

And of course you will need some gluten free Beer Batter Mix to make fried fish, chicken or veggies to go with the malt vinegar:

Brian ~ Cheers!

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