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Brewing Gluten Free Beer Using The Grainfather Part 3

By GFHB  -  February 28th, 2019

How to brew gluten free beer using the Grainfather Connect using the recommended modifications.

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Here are a couple tips and tricks submitted by GFHBer Shawn H:
1) Recirculate to heat strike water faster, or you can do a delayed timer (works great). 
2) Press 'finish sparge' once you pull the basket so the wort heats up while you're sparging. 
3) The chiller works great if you want to do a high gelatinization and then drop to saccharification temps.  Just stop chilling once you get to around ten degrees above your target, otherwise you'll over shoot.  The Grainfather also works great for multiple step beta glucan or protein rests. 

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