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Head Retention of Various Gluten Free Home Brewed Beers

By GFHB  -  October 27th, 2018

This is a follow up to our two part Partial Mash vs Partial Grain series that ended leaving a little more to be desired. While the Amber Ales brewed in that series turned out with a good flavor profile appropriate for the beer style, it lacked body and head retention. This could be caused by a multitude of factors, and we will share a few that may have attributed to the final outcome. First, we brewed both the partial mash and partial grain simultaneously, which we are not practiced at. The last time we brewed multiple beers at the same time we missed the mark in several regards. Second, we brewed using the BIAB method which while we have now brewed enough to know what we are doing, we still feel more comfortable using a mash tun. And there are many more variables that could have effected the Amber Ales.

In contrast, we poured the IPA 1759 and Brown Porter which are also partial grain recipes, but were brewed in our mash tun which we have been using for many years now. The results are very obvious as the video will illustrate. We are going to assume it was more likely the brewer than the brew as to why the Amber Ales did not turn out more full bodied or have the desired head retention. We have brewed the all-grain versions of the Amber Ales previously with great results.

This video was filmed at Fox Run Farm at their street side farm stand, therefore there is a lot of noise from traffic driving by. We didn't realize just how much the video was picking up the traffic until we got the footage loaded into our editing software. It is difficult at times to hear the conversation during the video, for which we apologize. But the video of the poured beers featured are the primary focus of this blog, so the damage is minimal!

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