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Termamyl SC DS Thermo-Stable Amylase Enzyme - 4 OZ

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Termamyl SC DS Thermo-Stable Amylase Enzyme - 4 OZ

Termamyl SC DS Thermo-Stable Amylase Enzyme (replaces Termamyl 120 L Type L) is a super concentrated formula suitable for starch conversion of gluten free malts up to 230F. As compared to Termamyl 120 L Type L you only need to use half as much of this powerful enzyme to achieve the same results. Recommended for use with all gluten free malts by Grouse Malting & Roasting Co and Eckert Malting & Brewing Co.

Use in conjunction -WITH- SEBAmyl L.

Labeled 'Liquid Thermo-Stable Amylase'

Recommended pH range: 5.5 - 7

**Click 'Resources' > 'Tutorials' > 'All Grain Brewing Tutorial' for usage recommendations updated October 2020**

Single Infusion Mash: Termamyl SC DS enzyme work -WITH- the SEBAmyl L enzyme at temperatures of 155-165F (163.4F recommended) to convert starch into fermentable sugars.

Reverse Step Mash: Termamyl SC DS enzyme work at temperatures of 155-165F to convert starch into chains that the SEBAmyl L enzyme can work at temperatures of 140-150F to convert those chains into fermentable sugars. By using the enzymes separately at two different temperatures, the alpha and beta amylase enzymes work in their optimal environments. This results in a higher amount of starch conversion, and a higher amount of fermentable sugars.

Sold in 4 OZ bottle - Should be stored in a cool, dry place at or below 41F to help maintain maximum activity over long periods

Price: $12.99
Ship Weight: 0.37 Pounds

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